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Case Studies

Single Sign On - Open ID Connect (JSON Web Token based authentication)
Implemented the Open ID Connect specification for Single Sign On (SSO). Without going into specifics, we were able to implement multiple flows and successfully integrate different large-scale organizations to consume Restful Web Services using JSON Web Tokens (JWT).
Cloud Based Educational Tools Analysis (Mobile Dashboard)
This is platform independent Mobile Web based application that runs on various Mobile Platforms (Android, iOS) with only one base of source code to maintain.
Struts to Spring Framework Migration. Get current with Dependency Inject (DI) and Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP).
This Web Application was built towards the end of the second millennium. After doing its job for over 15 years, it was ready for an overhaul. We made that happen without reinventing the wheel, by reusing over 80 percent of existing business logic.
Alfresco. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) at its best.
When it comes to Enterprise Content Management, Alfresco has certainly emerged as the industry leader. We have Alfresco Architects who specialize in Alfresco Customization, Content Migration, Single Sign On, setting up redundant Web Server farms, Storage Area Network (SAN) for Alfresco Repository. Where our clients don't need the full Enterprise version, we also customize the Community Edition to our client’s needs.
Fault Tolerant [Hot/Hot] Systems Integration. Leverage the Secondary Data Center.
In a lot of cases, the secondary data center is kept offline, with the expectation that it will come online in case the primary data center goes down. In most cases, when the primary data center goes down, the secondary is not in a shape to serve as the primary. The solution to this issue is rather straight forward: keep the secondary data center online, just like the primary data center. This arrangement results in reduced load on the primary, and clients get a better return of investment from the secondary data center.
24 by 7 Support of Business/Operations Critical Applications. Nothing is ours; but time.
We have thorough understanding and extensive experience of supporting mission critical business IT Application, and we can customize Subscriber Level Agreements depending upon the criticality of the application.