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Who we are

We are a US based IT Solutions provider for mobile and web-based applications. We have highly educated and experienced resources that are eager to provide professional software solutions based on cutting edge technology to our clients. We develop high quality and efficient business systems and websites using a broad range of hardware and software platforms and latest technologies.

We offer both on-site and offsite on-shore consulting models to meet the demand of the growing IT solutions market. Our Goal is to provide our valued customers with quick solutions under minimal maintenance and implementation costs.

our work team

Umer Fazal
Founder & CEO

Mr. Fazal, with over 10 years of leadership as President and Founder of Nespon Solutions, oversees all aspects of the business. He is a role-up your sleeves type of leader, jumping on technical calls with his clients, helping kick off major engagements, all the while creating an environment that reflects his values – Family, Drive, Intelligence, Humility, and Success.

With 17 years of experience as a strategic thinker as well as tactical mover, Mr. Fazal has developed, trained, and managed stable professional IT teams to consistently deliver multi-million- dollar enterprise business solutions, with a philosophy of “Keeping IT Simple”.

With 3 University degrees – BSME, and 2 MSCS with honors, there is only one way a person could describe Umer - Intelligence with Humility

Shama Hashmi

As VP- Operations, Shama plays a collaborative role among key operational areas including HR, Finance, Back office management and marketing.

With technical knowledge and administrative experience in various fields of IT, ranging from MIS, Networking, Project Management, Telecom to Software skills’ facilitation, she has a passion to share knowledge, coaching and mentoring at all levels.

Raising a family of 3 children, she is dedicated to the Nespon family with purpose and objective.

Kerry Padrick
Chief Revenue Officer and Strategist

Kerry is a business builder, sales executive, and transformation leader who achieves growth, profitability, and success on behalf of market leading companies. As a trusted resource, Kerry delivers superior, consistent results. With a focus on performance, he holds himself and his staff accountable for the results of the team. A trustworthy partner, Kerry unlocks organizational potential to facilitate a fulfilling work environment.

Kerry’s role as our CRO encompasses Sales, Marketing, Recruiting and Strategy. He brings a wealth of knowledge in these areas, along with a strong technical background (BSCS) and understanding of complex business and technical challenges. He approaches life with passion and creativity in all things - Family, Friends, Faith, and of course growing businesses to the next level. His motto in life is “the green keep growing and the ripe rot”.

Kerry has 3 wonderful adult children and lives in Dallas, TX with his wife and two small puppies.